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MUSLIMS prove ALBANIANS are an INSULT to ISLAMIC values! and KOSOVO is Serbia!
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KOSOVO is Serbia!

KOSOVO was, is and always will be SERBIAN land!

Shame on you albanian killers! You got to be 90% of the population only by killing all non-albanians!

At the begining of World War2 in KOSOVO there were aprox 50% SERBS and 50% Albanians.

Now you got to be 90% by killing them!

Shame on you sons of bitches!KILLERS! MURDERORS!

And ofcourse the biggest
North Athlantic Terrorist Organisation(NATO) helped you by illegally bombing Yougoslavia in 1999!

Serbians won the war, but you conquered KOSOVO after serbians were forced to retreat because of NATO bombings!

NATO everywhere,
JUSTICE nowhere!

Added: Jul-10-2008 
By: UCKwillPAY
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