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ISIS / ISIL terrorists beheaders star to used US Humvees captured against Al Qaeda / FSA moderated terrorists beheaders in Syria.
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The Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL) battled with rival Armed Gangs including Al Qaeda and their allied from the So Called "Free Syrian Army" officially supported by United States in northern Syria on Sunday, using U.S.-made military vehicles captured from neighboring Iraq for the first time, a "monitoring group" said.

ISIL, a splinter group of al Qaeda which wants to set up an Islamic caliphate encompassing both Iraq and Syria, has made rapid gains in Iraq in the past two weeks, taking control of the northern city of Mosul and major border crossings with Syria. Its advances in Iraq appear to have spurred on the Syrian branch, which is fighting both the Syrian Army and also rival terrorists groups such as the Western-backed Free Syrian Army, a more moderate beheaders force.

The ISIL terrorists seized strategic Syrian towns near the Iraqi border from r

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