How and Who, Shot Down MH17 In Ukraine?

Ukrainian Patriots Army (UPA) Hackers Geniuses Learned Who Shot Down MH17 In Ukraine


- Ihor Kolomoisky, oligarch, the alleged planner of the attack

- Valery Geletey, defense minister, Lieutenant-General

- Svyatoslav Oliynyk, lieutenant

- Анатолій Гриценко, lieutenant

So how was exactly MH17 destroyed?

Why air to air missile in the fucking world?

The Pilot reported that he could not keep plane so high for a long time. Made one straight cannon salvo at the cockpit. Didn’t worked. Pilots MH17 made evasive actions with a U turn for 8 miles. Then the Pilot had to use air to air missile.

So who ordered the destruction of MH17?

The first orders to shoot down MH17 came from Kiev to Kharkov Air defense military command center.

- this explains why there are 2 different damage patterns all over the cockpit

- this explains why the Kiev air control tapes will never be made public

- this explains why cockpit voice recorder data will never be made public

- this explains why black box data recorder information will never be made public

(MH17 airplane parts)

(MH17 forensics)

Below: a series of pictures with bullet holes and air-to-air missile shrapnel damage

DO NOT FLY PEOPLE! You and your loved ones might be killed one day as pawns in geo-political games.