Exposing the Incorrect Thomas Van Linge map (2)

That is the second time who this twitter user made fake no realistic maps about this conflict I exposed similar map made by this person before who is a Terrorist supported : www.liveleak.com/view?i=f45_1394859107

How we know the 14/4 the NDF / SAA take two news places in Al Qalamoun but Van Ling decided
made latter a map more unreal than before now he draw a Al Qaeda "Snackbar Blitzkrieg" from Iraq? lol ..I have nothing against Van Linge if he want be Zionist pro Al Qaeda terrorists is his problem not the mine however I'm against the disinformation Champaign and obviously against the terrorism and sectarianism.

One thing wrong (From many) in the Van Linge map is he put the if his map 50% of Latakia City in Hands of "Syrian Resistance" common... Syrian Resistance is a small paramilitary group from Syrian Communist party who support the government composed by fews hundreds with activity only in rural Latakia the Baath party militias got many more members than Syrian resistance.

In 2010 the Latakia city Population was around 700,000 of people but
now 2014 probability are rising a million so many families run from
Latakia running from Al Qaeda in North of Syria mostly from Sunni zones
.. So how can "Controlled" fews hundreds a city with almost a million of

It's impossible!

Lest the maps =

1) Van Linge incorrect Map

2) Map showing the Towns from Deir Ez Zor Road are mostly in SAA hands full version here : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cities_and_towns_during_the_Syrian_Civ

3) Map made by me I do a more detailed vision from the situation between Homs and Deir Ez Zor provinces drawing important things:

*Inside the Red Lines SAA / NDF Held Areas

*Gray Lines = Low Population zones Mostly desert

*Blue Circles = Zones in conflict between Al Qaeda + Islamic Front vs ISIS terrorists.

*Brown = Roads (I just draw a some there are a lot more)

4) Estimated Situation from March 29 2014


English it's not my Native Language any spelling mistakes correction are welcome*