Video from arrest released, further disproves woman's brutality claim

Harker Heights Police Department on Friday announced technical efforts had recovered the lost footage from a police body camera showing the New Year's arrest of Leah Dure, and the video further refutes her claim that she was assaulted by law enforcement.
The body camera footage proves her claims against Officer Joshua Wood to be false
The attorney representing Leah Dure in the police brutality claim against the Harker Heights Police Department announced Wednesday that he would no longer pursue the matter on Dure's behalf.
The announcement came less than a day after the Police Department strongly denied the accusations of police brutality made by Dure, who accused Officer Wood of assaulting and wrongfully arresting her in the early morning on Jan. 1 after a New Year's Eve party. The department provided video and audio evidence to support investigators' belief that Dure was instead injured during an earlier fight involving her boyfriend, her boyfriend's wife and several other people.


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