Boynton Beach PD Allegedly Assault Sixth Grade School Children

Members of the Boynton Beach Police Department may be asked to explain their actions, after video footage has emerged of the officers allegedly choking and kicking sixth grade students, aged approximately 11 years.

The boys were reportedly pulled off the school bus for some minor behavioral issues, when police arrived. One boy was initially handcuffed and sat on the ground, while police handcuffed the second student. In the first video, the student standing with the officer on the left of screen is allegedly roughly detained.

However, the second video shows an officer kicking the student in the rear of his legs, causing him to fall heavily. It is this action which remains questionable and will probably come under further scrutiny.

The incident was filmed by a student on the bus. Police have yet to make any statement in relation to the arrest or incident.

Videos thanks to @TakashiKatsu