Intenstive Care Doctor Beats Restrained Patient For Insulting Him - Claims He Raped His Daughter

..A whole new meaning for the phrase "hitting a man while he's down"

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A major twist to the story. Apparently the patient was a former police officer who was convicted on rape charges - he raped this doctor's 10 year old girl with other men being involved too. The patient immediately recognized the doctor and started to tell him in details how he raped his daughter, cursing him and his daughter for his "ruined" career.

".............He started to insult the vile words my daughter, telling how he raped her"

July 4, 2013, 17:21

In blogs explanation appeared in resuscitation of the Permian of the federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery Andrew Votyakova who struck the helpless postoperative patient who later died.

A blog by the nickname «gryaznulka» Votyakova on behalf of the following is written:

"It was a normal day. As soon as the patient entered the operating room, then [I] immediately recognized in him a former police officer, who had previously held on a rape my teenage daughter as an accomplice in the crime. The judge gave him a suspended sentence, and of the bodies he resigned two weeks before the crime. That scoundrel hastily left the Perm (the official, the patient was out of the Kirov region. - Ed.), Together with his family, fearing a well-deserved revenge. Guided by the principle of "do no harm" and the oath of a doctor, I have done my duty and saved the life of the patient. Then I thought about the murder - it took too much time, and I was in the service position. But then the effect of anesthesia began to weaken, and the rapist came to. He also recognized me. And then he begins to insult the vile words of my daughter, telling how he raped her. And then I can say pereklinilo. So I decided to restore justice, especially since the work I actually performed. In the eyes of colleagues I have justice done. " There are no references to the source of information in the record is not present. Online diary, which appeared this record was created in April of last year. Meanwhile, in an interview with the portal Life News Votyakov explained had a nervous breakdown. "It was a tough day after the daily shift. As soon as I went along with the medical staff in the ward to the patient, he started to insult me vile names. And then I can say pereklinilo. After all, we are with this challenging patient for a long time were working to put ....

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It appears that the doctor was on 36hr shift and when he walked in to check on the patient, the patient started talking mad shit. The doctor apologized for his actions and said they were a knee-jerk reaction to insults after a prolonged shift:

An anesthesiologist from Perm told Life News, which was in the heat of passion when hit in the chest with a patient who underwent a complex operation.

Chief resuscitation Permian Federal Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, explained his behavior ... a nervous breakdown after a 36-hour shift. The doctor, who beat the patient had undergone bypass surgery recently, said that the abuse patient brought him out of himself.

- It was a tough day after the daily duty - recalls a conversation with a reporter Andrew Life News Votyakov. - As soon as I went along with the medical staff in the ward to the patient, he started to insult me ​​vile names. And then I can say pereklinilo. After all, we are with this challenging patient for a long time were working to put him on his feet, and no thanks! Oh, and another chronic fatigue made itself felt, and I was broke. In the eyes of colleagues, I hit him a few times.

As it became known to Life News, the injured man came to the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery from another region of the country in the hope of quality medical care. But the return home of the newly built "Cities of the heart," the patient was not meant to - after a complicated bypass surgery and beating right patient died in the House.

Anesthesiologist, unable to contain himself, repeatedly struck the patient's chest. The patient is strapped to a hospital bed, unable to shut down or at least dodge the beating physician. Despite this, the doctor says that blows inflicted upon them in the chest with a man recently underwent surgery, had no effect on the work of his heart. The death of the patient, according to Andrew Votyakova, does not come from that.

- After the incident, we continued the prescribed treatment, but, unfortunately, the patient died - admitted Votyakov. - I am very sorry about the incident and would like to apologize first of all to himself and his relatives died.

The Investigative Committee of the Life News reported that experts agencies have already gone to check a medical facility.


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