Obama Lies Again

During the third Presidential debate of 2012, President Obama lies to the public.

Here is a direct link to the Op-Ed piece Mr. Romney wrote concerning the bailout in 2008: www.nytimes.com/2008/11/19/opinion/19romney.html Nowhere in the article can you find Mitt Romney suggesting that the private market bail out the auto industry. He specifically states that the auto industry should go through a managed bankruptcy (chapter 11) then recieve guarantees by the government after it has emerged from its restructure. Mr. Obama blatantly lied. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans don't know what the bankruptcy process entails or that there are more than one process such as chapter 11 and chapter 7; each completely different than the other. Therefore, the general public is easily fooled by Obama's deception and blatant lies. I'd be more than happy to explain a chapter 7 turnaround to anyone that inquires as it is the business I am considered an expert in as it's my profession.