Battles For Syria - 31 May 2016

Latest episode of R&U Video's "Battles For Syria".
We begin in Darayya, as we so often do these days. The SAA offensive continues. With the deployment of the Tiger Forces to the area it is unlikely the terrorists will be able to keep control of the city. This (both east and west Gouta) has been an important haven for the foreign-sponsored terror gangs since very early in the war. Based on the use of "elephant" rocket, it appears that Hezbollah may also be involved in this operation.

"Ajnad al-Sham" is not faring too well in this battle. ~3'55" there is some good footage of an upgraded T72 with what appears to be huge layers of spaced and slat armor. It also appears to lack the "tower" anti-TOW device. Terrorist cameramen film a large dust cloud around it, but whether it is the main gun firing or it being hit with an RPG or ATGM, I can't tell.

At 5'05" we head to Idlib province where the Shia town of Kaffarya is surrounded by FSA and Nusra terrorists. Idlib footage, including aftermath of "night airstrikes", is shown. The video captions say "allegedly" 10 Russian aircraft were active over the province, but Russian MoD denies involvement. It is very possible that we will not know exactly what happened, particularly if Russia simply turned a blind eye while SyAAF conducted the operations under cover of darkness. I'm not shedding any tears, I know that much.

8'50" takes us, predictably, to Aleppo City. More poorly aimed, unguided modified Grad rockets are fired into civilian districts of the city by Western-backed "moderate" terrorist gangs. Fake Saudi Army "units" are shown firing what appears to be a recoilless rifle into a fortified building where sniper nests had been built.

We move to southern Aleppo City at 11'50" where the "Fastaqim Kama Umirt" gang attacks supposed positions of SAA and NDF in the city. Per usual, we see nothing more than them firing heavy caliber machineguns and recoilless rifles into what appear to be empty buildings. Any government troops inside would have retreated or moved to new positions before any of this fire would have been effective. Syrian government responded with airstrikes on the terrorist-held districts from which the fire was coming.

14'15" we move to al-Castillo Highway where Russian airstrikes have been taking a heavy toll on terrorist logistics in the area. The al-Shuqqaif bridge, obviously used as a terrorist supply route, was destroyed and repair equipment hit as well. A vaporized body is seen among the wreckage of a crane truck.

To finish this episode, at 15'00" we have another treat, as these videos often end with - a "Jabhat al-Nusra field commander" is shown dancing around on a dirt road firing an entire PKM belt at "the enemy" in a single burst. Incoming fire makes its reply soon enough and when the camera pans up again, the "commander" appears to be lying dead in the road.




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Location: Aleppo, Syria