Massive Heavy Haul Truck Porn

Was on my way to a site in Northern Alberta, when we ran into this massive load being hauled to one of the oil sands sites. Not the biggest haul that this road has seen , but one of them. The stretch of road they are on, is nicknamed "Super Test" for the reason it's an 8% grade, and push these trucks to the limit, with weights up to 600 tons. Not sure the weight of both of these vessels.

In the first video, we passed this unit on a three way lane. The second video was the other unit, which was ahead of us and we couldn't pass until it reached it's destination. Took us 2.5hrs to travel 40km, behind it. Bottom picture gives you an idea of the grade of the road, in which the first vessel was being hauled on. The videos don't do justice on how big these things are until you drive by one. Lol.

Mammoet is the company hauling them and Cessco Fabrication is the manufacturer of these beasts.
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By: MMilitia (3872.30)

Tags: Heavy Haul, Fort McMurray, Oil Sands, Truck Porn, Super Test

Location: Canada