Obama Announces Gun Control Executive Order… Here’s What’s Banned

Once again Barack Obama is showing his true contempt for the American Constitution.

Using his phone and a pen, Obama has issued an executive order banning M855 ammunition.

This type of ammo is a 62-grain .223/5.56 caliber round sometimes called a “green tip” due to the green painted tip of the round.

The M855 is the standard round used by the U.S. military, it is a lead bullet with a steel tip.

Federal law imposed in 1986 prohibits the manufacture, importation, and sale by licensed manufacturers or importers, but not possession of, types of handgun ammunition that have a solid core made of certain types of heavy metals or alloys.

The law was aimed at stopping the general public from owning “armor piercing” bullets that could penetrate the bullet resistant vests of law enforcement.

The M855 is a lead round. It does have a steel tip but that does not make it an “armor piercing” round, as almost any expert can tell you.

And although the AR-15 platform was designed as a rifle, there are variations of the weapon now in a pistol configuration.

Obama is really stretching saying that M855 ammunition is an “armor piercing” round being used in a handgun. The goal is obviously political… to ban common ammo to undermine the Second Amendment.

The White House knows that it can’t ban the firearms so going after the ammunition is the next best thing. (H/T cheaperthandirt.com)

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) are accepting public comments on the executive action until March 16, 2015.

All Americans should let the BATFE along with their Senators and Congressmen know that America will not stand for their Second Amendment rights being trampled.


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