Relentless... Struggle for Peace in the Middle East

Regular Version - "Relentless" exposes the pain, the mistakes and differing viewpoints, of both the Israeli and Palestinian violence, in a balanced and objective format. In a "we present the facts, you be the judge" style, Relentless presents the contributing factors to the conflict, in an easy to follow and compelling production. Importantly, "Relentless" sheds light on these central events unfolding in modern history and confronts the facts and obstacles that need to be overcome in the future.

Produced to incorporate 'never seen before' primary source film clips, data and interviews, including film from Palestinian TV, religious sermons and political rallies, the movie reveals a behind-the-scenes look at Middle Eastern politics and culture. "Relentless" uncovers the hidden agenda that is behind the collapse of the peace process and continued struggle between two peoples.

The producers honest and open examination of the lengths to which both the Israelis and Palestinians have gone to in order to achieve peace in the region, reveals a side of the Middle East story that most Americans are unaware of due to a lack of exposure by traditional media outlets. "Relentless" offers a methodical overview from the Oslo Accords until today, of the commitments made by both Israel and the Palestinians, examining how each side has lived up to their promises.
- video encodings still in process -