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Religious Addiction

Religious beliefs serve an important function in the daily lives and attitudes of most of us. Especially in today’s often chaotic and unpredictable world, a sincere faith in the power of God and adherence to religious rituals can give us better moral guidance, more emotional stability, and valuable serenity. Religion helps people to be centered and grounded.

However, a person’s fervent religious practices can signify other, darker aspects of his or her mental health. For example, if someone’s faith is used to mask or avoid psychological problems, or if their religious inclinations are taken to extremes, there is an excellent possibility that the person is suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Often it is a way to cover their own pathology, hiding it from others or accusing others for being it's cause. This can be compared with Dual Diagnosis in Alcoholism, ie: sometimes when a pers


Added: May-23-2008 
By: islam4pigs11
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