Glenn Beck Exposes Think Progress's Tea Party Racism Video

From NewsBusters:

Liberal activists are so desperate to paint the Tea Party as racist that some, apparently, are willing to fabricate evidence and fallaciously draw unsupported conclusions to support their point.

Lee Fang, a writer for the far-left blog Think Progress, recently posted a video purporting to show racism at Tea Parties. But the video was a total fraud. It took statements out of context, claimed racism where there really was none, claimed liberal plants were authentic members of the movement, and even used video from 2006, three years before the movement existed!

Liberal writers at the Nation and the Huffington Post, as well as former Fox News cohost Alan Colmes all trumpeted the Think Progress video as evidence of Tea Party racism, despite the easily-verifiable evidence to the contrary.

One activist, who says he's "proud to be a racist," is a well-documented Tea Party "crasher" -- one of the tremendously unsuccessful (despite Think Progress's best efforts) counter-protesters that attempted to infiltrate rallies and pose as racists and other undesirables.

In a video titled, ironically, "Proof that the Tea Party is not racist," this man is singled out, hounded, and chased from a rally. The video is six minutes long, so there is no way that Think Progress spliced out the portion that it did without seeing the context -- without knowing that this man was a plant. No matter, he fit the narrative, truth be damned.


From Bob Owens at Pajamas Media:

Reality would not provide them with the propaganda they sought to exploit for their own political gain. So they invented it.

Real journalists would be fired on the spot for this behavior. The willful perversion of the video should end careers.

According to Think Progress’ “About Us” page, Faiz Shakir is vice president at the Center for American Progress and serves as editor-in-chief of He sets the standards for this group.

Lee Fang, the Think Progress “researcher” that bylines this video, has interned with a similar propaganda site named Media Matters.

In just 53 seconds, they’ve created propaganda so blatantly dishonest as to make their termination mandatory. They’ve abused their readers, and their opponents.

But perhaps that is what they are paid to do.


View Think Progress's fraudulent video:

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