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Female racing car champion Laleh Seddigh

Iranian women are exploring new boundaries and opportunities in education and careers - not least female racing car champion Laleh Seddigh - until that is she was banned from competitions following allegations of engine tampering.

Laleh's story is a symbol of what women can achieve in today's Iran.

But her desire to prove she could compete with men at every level ended up costing her dearly.

Role model

The 31-year-old sportswoman, nicknamed "Little Schumacher" is a minor celebrity in her native country.

She has also become a poster girl for Iranian women seeking to better their lot.

"I love to race, I love to compete... I think it's sort of a responsibility for me because I am inviting other female drivers to join to the race... and hopefully I can teach to the other females to just believe in themselves," she says. "Persian females are really strong."

Laleh first l

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