Still Think Sandy Hook Shooting Happened?

Mike Powers proving there is no evidence showing that the shooting happened and how none
of it makes any sense.

- Sandy Hook School is being demolished. (Why?)
(And no, you do not demolish a building just because people were killed in it. You replace the carpets, clean up, and move on. History shows nobody demolishes a building after a mass shooting.)

- No Evidence of Bodies, Shooter, or crime scene investigation.

- Media has nothing to show that it actually happened. Nor did they do an investigation.

- The Medical Examiner seems to know nothing about the children, how many there were, how many were male or female, and exactly what they were killed with. Then they took the bodies late at night on Saturday where nobody could get proof of body bags? As well, they said it would be Sunday night but then quickly did it Saturday night.


Other Notes:

There is nothing solid about Adam Lanza.

There is no conclusive evidence to prove that Adam Lanza ever existed.

We found tons on his brother Ryan, but nothing on Adam himself.

We have put together a basic 30 questions which we want our elected officials to answer.

six hours, all officials on the first day were talking about his
Facebook page, which was private. Then 7 different clone pages popped

All of the official photos of Adam Lanza are layered - photoshop.

Per Joyce, Dr. Cass Ingram said: His IT department went over it, and confirms the Adam Lanza photo is photoshopped.

Re Nancy Lanza

There's been nothing but lie after lie after lie about Nancy Lanza.

is no connection between her and the school, no teaching certificate,
no testimony, except for the nurse who claimed she was a well-loved
instructor at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Nancy Champion Lanza was an employee of Chase Morgan Stanley.
husband Peter is in charge of the General Electric Insurance Division,
and four of his team have been convicted of crimes in connection with
the Libor financial scandal.

In her obituary, there was no mention of a son named Adam.

From law enforcement to the gun industry, some very unusual procedures handling evidence have been demonstrated.

Motive for Adam Lanza

motive has been brought forward. Did he attend elementary school there
briefly? He was now 20 years old. Did he harbor resentment against
people who were no longer even at the school?

The supposed
altercation at the school the day before actually never happened,
according to Lt. Vance, who denied the whole story.

Why was there only one call to 911 dispatch?

typical AR15 rifle has is equipped with a muzzle break - it produces a
much louder snap than other calibre weapons, shooting 5.65 millimeter

If there was shooting of hundreds of rounds in the
school, the noise would have been at a level of 165 decimal or better.
The impact to the inner ear in an enclosed space, according to two ear
doctors I personally spoke to, would result in devastating effects,
balance problems, loss of cognitive ability from shock.

anyone checked the records at the school? We are told he was
homeschooled. But there is absolutely no documentation of
homeschooling, no test records, etc.

How did he enter the school?

that I have now show a Connecticut police officer escorting two women
away from the school, and there is another officer behind him at the
door - and the glass at the entrance is all intact.

How did he
compromise the door? You're talking about a pretty tough plate of
glass. The round that was supposedly used is not as strong as other
varieties on impact.

Was it wirescreen reinforced glass?

glass, even without wirescreen, would weigh several hundred pounds.
You wouldn't want a glass door that shattered into a thousand pieces.
The glass also would have been laminated.

What was he wearing?

bullet proof vest, wearing tactical vest to store extra ammo, and
pockets holding ammo would have to be be on both sides of the body, if
he was carrying hundreds of rounds, in addition to the guns he was

Statistically and physically speaking, that round would not penetrate impressively a crowd of children huddled in a corner.

Was this 120-lb. Adam Lanza, then, carrying the equivalent of his own body weight into the school?

most disturbing issues we have right now (and equally at Aurora, the
Sikh Temple, etc.) - all of them have witnesses reporting multiple

Sandy Hook had just initiated a new security protocol.
A recent school shooting in Brazil had several video cameras. It was a
genuine crime scene, with people in panic running all over the place.
How did Adam get into the school, which supposedly had a very secure

Why wouldn't a teacher push children through a window, rather than huddling them in the corner of a classroom?

What do we know about the notification to police?

We have not located anything other than the single initial call to Sandy Hook dispatch.

We are going to obtain a door, to try to duplicate broaching the door, according to the official account.

For a 120-lb, developmentally disabled kid, to have accomplished this just doesn't make any sense.

There was a drill taking place simultaneously 25 minutes away. That is confirmed.

Fog of War

is a hell of a difference between the fog of war and a localized
incident at an elementary school -- when you are being fired at from
many directions, different munitions, etc., when you are in a war,
versus responding to a single shooter incident.

Weapon in the trunk

officer is shown pulling a shotgun out of the trunk. Around him are
four individuals are in full MOPP - chemical gear - from head to toe.
What did they think they were going to find in the back of that car?

Gun(s) used

shooting the children between 4 and 11 times, the weapon was identified
by Coroner Carver as a long rifle, the alleged AR-15.

A Wall Street reporter went to all the gun ranges in the area, and no one could identify pictures of the mother and Lanza.

physiological trauma on the human nervous system, with a 6 to 10 pound
gun, means weightlifting with every shot -- negates the possibilities

A standard capacity magazine is capable of accepting 30
rounds, but professionals use 28 because of a technical problem.
Allegedly he changed magazines several times, 5 to 10 times. He only
went to two rooms. Why would he change magazines several times in the
same room?

Psychologists say that even the most psychotic
individual could not shoot children this efficiently, as people have an
innate block to overcome in order to commit such a crime.

The responding officers themselves had to shoot their way through the front of the school.

There is an assault weapon ban in place in Connecticut. So how could Nancy Lanza have a legally registered assault weapon?

AR-15 rifles are very prone to stoppages, lubrication problems.

Changing magazines can involve mistakes even for a professional.

The Gene Rosen Story

point that he made was that he heard stacatto fire. If Mr. Lanza was
inside the school, the noise of the discharge would hardly reach Mr.
Rosen at his house.

Or, if he did hear the gunfire, why did he never call to report it?

Gun Control

The politicians started in immediately.

The Robbie Parker Story

hours after his daughter was allegedly brutally murdered, he is
laughing: "Should I just read from the card?" Then, he does his acting
routine, hyperventilating in order to get in character to be a grieving

Response Time

The first responders were there within seven minutes.

But, how long would it take from the time 911 was called at 9:40 a.m., for Adam Lanza to shoot so many rounds?

You're talking about several minutes at least. Lanza is making decisions after the entry. Where does he go?

could a woman, supposedly a nurse, have been locked in a closet until 1
p.m., when police and responders are well instructed in how to clear a
building? The school nurse is not even licensed in the State of

None of the people who are alleged to have been
professionals have any traceable creditation. Gene Rosen had 2 years of
community college. Was he a retired psychologist?

Even giving the media a margin of error, there have been no retractions.

Now they want to destroy and demolish the school. No way to check after the fact, then.

What about the assignment of law enforcement officers to all of the families?

has never ever happened before. The same Lt. Vance who threatened
independent journalists assigns bodyguards to all the families?

Where is the budget for this - 30 families?