Jesse Jackson: It’s Racist To Call Me And Al Sharpton “Race Baiters”…

Wow. REALLY???

So not only is everything racist that they say is racist, but you are now racist for calling them race baiters.

And we’ve come full circle, ladies and gentlemen…

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Tuesday on NewsMax TV’s “MidPoint,” Rev. Jesse Jackson addressed accusations of race-baiting by black leaders such as himself and Al Sharpton by comparing them to race baiting allegations from infamous segregationist George Wallace towards civil rights icon Rev. Martin Luther King.

“I will tell you there are people who have appeared on this show before, who every time we discuss the leaders of the black movement in this country, they take your name and they put it in the same sentence as Al Sharpton and they say the two of you, people have said this on our show, are race baiting and you are not doing it properly, and you are not serving the needs of the black community,” host Ed Berliner said.

Jackson replied, “You know Dr. King was accused of being a race baiter as he fought the forces of the south, as he fought George Wallace,” adding, “they called him a communist at the same time.”


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