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another video showing the free Syrian army destroying all the liquor inside the truck

Members of the free Syrian army (the gangs opposed to al-assad and the syrian army) kidnapped a truck driver and one member of that army start describing what happened and then he started destroying the liquor inside the truck
*****translation of what this man was saying***
-in a complicated operation, we took down that Mercedes truck and as you see the license plate
-as you see, this truck is full of liquor
-the Syrian regime is still producing liquors and sending them to people and the syrian army
-what kind of regime is that, missiles, rpg's and liquors!!!
-we promess all the syrian people that syria will be liquor free after this current regime fall and leave
-and now in god will we are going to destroy all the liquor inside that truck because liquor is against our religion rules.
-oh bashar al assad, may god punish you for doing that...
end of the translation

Added: Jul-9-2012 
By: trustedsource11
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