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Palin - Experience not required after all

By selecting Sarah Palin to be his vice-president, McCain undermines his argument about Obama's lack of experience

o Cliff Schecter
o Friday August 29 2008 22:30 BST

There he goes again. John McCain went out and found himself a vice-presidential candidate today, but as is often his way, he made sure that political gain was his master, while potential to lead this nation during troubled times was placed on the back burner.

And he accuses Barack Obama of "not putting his country first"?

McCain's choice was governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, a former mayor of a town the size of the building where I grew up in New York. More recently, she has been performing her gubernatorial duties for an entire 1.5 years since her election in November of 2006. In other words, compared to her, when it comes to foreign policy experience,


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By: allyssa
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