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How To Stop Satan From Wearing Your Clothes

Absurd muslim beliefs:

Women only get to paradise by obeying their husband.

If you read al-Baqarah (the 2nd sura in the quran titled "The Cow"), Satan won't enter your house for 40 days.

Want a good marriage? Forget love and mutual respect. Its all about money and social status! The man must pay his bridal payment to bride's family (that means no welching on the goats!) The man must be from a good lineage. The woman can reject a man of lower status (not sure how a one day old baby girl can do that, but I guess allah knows.) And above all else, a women must never EVER leave the house without her husband's permission or she will be cursed by all angels.

Silly superstitions and outdated brutish behavior control the muslim's life, and people expect islam to be take seriously?

Added: Jun-26-2008 
By: DMartyr
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