US under fire for supporting dictators in Latin America

US support for state terror in Latin America's dirty wars and how US media silences and erases Washington's role.

As Latin America moves ahead and judge ex military leaders and officials involved in atrocious human rights abuses committed during the countries' dictatorships, many have started to question the key role played by the US in such dark years of the 20th century, fueling bloody regimes that killed thousands across the region. Our correspondent Constanza Heller in Buenos Aires has more.

Latin America plunged into the most violent and bloody ways of state terror during the second half of the 20th century. But the de facto rulers did not make it by their own. There was the White House to mastermind dirty wars under the dogma that made of Latin America Washington's "backyard".

Argentina was one of the rehearsal scenarios.

In 1976, a military junta overthrew the then ruling democratic government initiating the most brutal regime in the South American country's history. 30,000 were persecuted, tortured, taken to detention centers and disappeared by the security forces.

Over the past decade, those responsible for such atrocities have been put on trial and convicted, some ex military officials and leaders sentenced to life, paving the way for similar processes in other regional countries.

The other player to blame for imposing military dictatorships in Latin America with the help of local elites in order to secure a neoliberal agenda that put states "for sale" while thousands were driven into poverty and unemployment, seems to remain, however, protected.

Leading liberal media tell society almost nothing about US military aid and diplomatic support to right-wing regimes here, reinforcing the West's invasion of the world under an "all-time democratic" pledge.

Still, experts believe that the impeachment of the democratically elected president of Paraguay Fernando Lugo in 2012 or the 2009 coup d´état in Honduras must be comprehensively addressed in order to secure the continuity of Latin America's democratic leaderships and the judicial processes that are taking both military and civilian accomplices to be in the dock.

Argentina is currently conducting a trial on one of the most emblematic intelligence operations of the dark years of the dictatorship: the 1970's Condor Plan that involved the cooperation among US-sponsored de facto governments in the South Cone to murder social and political activists in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia


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