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Minister to PM Bibi: renew talks with the Palestinians or ill quit

Minister Braverman demands Labor to tell PM Netanyahu that if he doesn't renew talks with Palestinians, party will quit coalition. 'If they reject ultimatum, I'll quit the government,' he says

Latest Update: 12.22.10

Minority Affairs Minister Avishay Braverman demanded Wednesday that his party, Labor, give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an ultimatum: Either he renews the direct talks with the Palestinians within a month, or Labor quits the coalition.

"Either we save the Labor Party now, or we join Kadima," Braverman said during a student gathering. "We have an opportunity to save the party. If my ultimatum proposal is rejected, I will quit the government and fight from the opposition to create a new Labor."

Later Wednesday, associates of Labor Chairman Ehud Barak said party activists and leading field activists approached Barak with a demand to fire Brave


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