"Palestinian" suicide bomber attacking Israeli policemen with a knife [HQ] - 2nd angle

Anothere angle of the "Palestinian" terror attack on Dec. 15th, 2017 [1:43 PM]

A "Palestinian" suicide bomber disguised himself as a reporter and positioned himself between other reporters and photographers in riots at the Judea and Samaria Junction near Ramallah.

The terrorist waited until the Israeli border police (Magav) turned their back and then ran at them with a sharp knife, attacking 1 of the Israeli policemen in his upper body and then, apparently, tried to blow himself up.

Apparently, during his run, he dropped, what looks like, the remote of the vest bomb and couldn't detonate it.

The Israeli policemen quickly responded and shot the terrorist in the legs, but the terrorist didn't stay down and when the Israelis saw that he also carried a suicide bomb on his body, they shot him again and kept a distance from him.



By: Real Truth (163.40)

Tags: Palestinian

Location: Israel