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Early Morning Beat And Freestyle

I like to write a rhyme
Its so dope, Its so dope,
Never did a crime
Or sold dope, or sold dope
But it came to mind,
I said Oh no, no no
Never plagerized
Youre Homo,
Homosapians and
Pleiadian Aliens
Pienial glands
Distant lands
Far away from Where I am
Where I stand
Barefoot on the sand
Be wary of the plan
Dont be the sacrificial lamb
Home is sanctuary
So where's my dogs at
Like cantebury
Tales are told
So where's the gold
The gold is in the Mine
That which we call mind
So if you dont mind
Id like to dig the gold mine
And energize my batteries
I Saw a Co Sine
Now I swing on broke vines
And Grow Wine
Then make grapes
Flow rhymes
And make papes
Long Island,
Great Lakes,


Added: Mar-23-2008 
By: sunsp4rk
Tags: Rap, War, News, Sexy
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