Oles Buzina predicting his own murder | English translation

I dont know by the way whether I´ll come back in Kyjev or not
But I am standing here...and I am not afraid to express my opinion here...to back it up with my life...Do you understand /Butzina/? Well said....Including risk of being killed! One more think I ´d like to add : I spent several day here in Moscow...I came just for one day but had to stay longer ...In a meanvile I am receiving sms "Oles be careful. They are already waiting for you on central station in Kyjev ...Be aware of that...Guys you were talking about are the ones waiting for me ....Ones bough and paid by US State Department!! And just to let you know...my life is in danger...And I dont know If I ´ll be still alive tomorow or not!!!

Imagine what would happen if in Russia, three opposition figures, a well-known writer and two politicians, were killed in the span of two days? We have a vague of idea of what that would look like, after the Western hysteria about Nemtsov.
Oles' assassination was the third in a row of political killings in the last four days: Sergey Sukhobok (April 13); Oleg Kalashnikov (April 15); and Oles Buzina (April 16).
Why are the Western media silent about these political assassinations? And all of this happened after 9 "mysterious suicides" in Ukraine in the last 2 months.