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24 Year old Brazillian man survives a metal bar piercing his skull

"Doctors in Brazil said a construction worker is recovering after a 6-foot metal bar fell from the fifth floor of a building and impaled his head.

The Associated Press reported that 24-year-old Eduardo Leite was working on the ground floor of the construction site when the bar pierced his hard hat, drove through the top of his head and exited between his eyes.

Ruy Monteiro, the head of neurosurgery at Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital, told Globo TV Network that Leite was still conscious and talking as emergency crews responded to the scene and sawed through the bar to free him, leaving a foot and a half of the rod still stuck in his head.

Monteiro said the rebar was successfully removed from Leite's skull during a five-hour-long surgery, and that the patient is lucid and talking normally after the operation.

According to reports, Leite is expected to remain under evaluation at the h

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