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Katy Abram Talks With Hannity About her Face-to-Face With Sen. Specter

Tonight Sean Hannity had as guests, Katy & Sam Abram, who were both at the Lebanon, PA Townhall meeting today with Arlen Specter. Katy found her voice, stood her ground, and for the first time in her life, found herself engaged politically. Katy gave Specter the 'what-fors' and I am a fellow patriot who agrees WITH her.

The dems have awakened a sleeping giant, and it's apparent they are too stupid to realize it. A day of reckoning is near, and believe me, they will then know the political sings of their past. No more weak Americans - we are awake, alive, aware, informed and INVOLVED, and we are coming for ALL of you, Democrat and Republican alike. YOU SPEAK FOR US, or you will not speak for ANYONE!

Got it?

Added: Aug-11-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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