Footage of Kurdish news,victory against jihadi terrorists

Weapons and some combat wear of the jihadi humancutters fell in hands of the Kurds.
Kurdish YPG claims the killing of 945 jihadis since the heavy clashes of the last 50 days and the dead of 79 YPG fighters,most of them killed in suicide attacks .10 suicide attacks with explosive loaded cars and 11 personal suicide attacks were send on the Kurds in 50 days..
The last days the terrorists desperately try to defeat the YPG in several Kurdish villages with coordinated attacks at the same time on different YPG positions around Kurdish villages but the YPG let them fail hard and run hard...
The YPG still sends messages via the media and other sources to the FSA that they dont wanna fight with the FSA and dont wanna kill again but it doesnt help.
The Kurds only defend their own land and people they dont fight outside Kurdish area ,they only fight off enemy attacks and operate only in Kurdish area .