Proof that Kiev faked Pro-Russian rebel conversations about MH-17

Newly released analysis of the audio footage that was put out by the Kiev fascist regime shows that they faked the recordings that blamed the rebels. In other words they knew it was going to happen as they had prepared the recordings in advance. Here's a link to the analysis of those recordings proving them to be fake: High Quality studio DAW WAV file analysis of the audio files that Kiev submitted of supposed Russian rebels conversing about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17. Make sure to turn on CC captions for English translation. Video fully exposes that the files are fake and were spliced together using basic studio DAW software in a rather unprofessional manner. WAV files overlap and digital splicing is obvious throughout multiple points of the conversations including obvious cuts, cutoff of voices and overlapping soundbites. It is 100% conclusive.....Kiev faked the audio they submitted that pointed the finger towards the rebels. Now the next logical question is why did thy submit fake 'evidence' and where did they get it? If they had time to make it in a studio as this video suggests then it is obvious they knew that MH-17 was going to be shot down. Please keep in mind that Kiev released this audio 25 minutes after the plane crashed. Any individual can still extract the original files from You Tube and examine them closely. They prove that the Kiev regime manufactured the so called 'social media' evidence.

Thanks to texase30!