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Fiction as a Precursor to Fact: Sci-fi "Predictive Programming" (Final Part)

Heralding the Technocratic Messiah

Of course, a new world religion requires a new world messiah. There is even a messianic legacy within Masonic mythology. Thirty-third degree Mason Albert Pike states:

“Behold the object, the end, the result, of the great speculation and logomachies of antiquity; the ultimate annihilation of evil, and restoration of Man to his first estate, by a Redeemer, a Masayah, a Christos, the incarnate Word, Reason, or Power of Diety.” (274)

The astute reader will immediately notice the capital M in "Man," denoting humanity's intrinsic divinity. Being a god was humanity's "first estate." Thus, the Masonic messiah is not the transcendent Creator incarnated as Jesus Christ. Instead, Masonry posits that the messiah is within Man himself. According to Masonic doctrine, humanity's cognizance of its innate divinity is integral to achieving apotheosis. Pik


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