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Air Force Mortuary Dumps Sergeant's ,soldiers Remains In Landfill
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The US government couldn't give two shits about the remains of someone who fought and died in the battlefield! The government is controlled by the Zionists bankers they consider everyone in the military expendable cannon fodder for their global interest good job israhell .go taliban go kill more dirty pigs

Now you know what the PENTAGON thinks of their military personnel

Fuck Israel they arethe world decievers and mrdering scum...America has been destroyed inside out because of them...Supporting them is just the same as doing their dirt for them..America its time to snap out of this spell they have this country in & take our country back before we let them take us to the point of no return..these are evil people leeches they will suck every country dry & leave this country like a dead carcass on a road then move to the next DO YOUR DUTY, ARREST T TR

Added: Oct-4-2012 
By: talibanpouwer
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