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RNC Chairman Michael Steele Commits Political Suicide at GOP Function

Okay..... so he committed political suicide.

The RNC Chairman's bizarre behavior has finally caught up with him... from hosting GOP parties at sex themed S&M clubs to most recently claiming that Obama was the one who invaded Afghanistan and that America wanted no part of that war, Steele has carved out a unique niche of right-wing strangeness that has not been seen since the days of the Bush II Presidency.

Chicken Hawks from Karl Rove to Bill Krystol have disavowed Steele's comments and called for his resignation. No surprise, since they represent the architectural and and PR firms that gave us the war in Afghanistan in the first place.

However you slice it, the newest chapter in 'The Peculiar Case of Michael Steele' also appears likely to be the last.

Strange days for the GOP, who's off-the reservation antics from rogue operatives appears to be doing everything possible t

Added: Jul-3-2010 
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