The EU will regulate wich seeds you are allowed to use. In your own garden!

The EU commission is working on a new regulation of the seeds market.

In future farmers can only buy seeds wich are allowed by the European Union. But it does not stop there. This regulation also includes small farmers and private gardeners. Till now old varieties of seeds and rare seeds where allowed. In future you will not even forbidden to buy other sorts then the allowed seeds, it will be also forbidden to trade or even gift non allowed seeds to others.

This regulations will be forced to the people with serious sanctions. And if you make such a regulation it has to be controlled. So look forward to the EU-Seed-Gestapo visiting and controlling your garden or your field. The regulation will not only kill traditional farming it will also stop trading of rare seeds between private gardeners and small farmers.

The official reason for that mentioned by the EU. Eco-bullshit! (I spare you the arguments they are allways the same) The real reason. Power hungry bureaucrats want to create their socialistic heaven where everything is controlled by the government.

This new regulation is presented to you by the guys wich already forbid the light bulb, strong vaccum cleaners, strong hair dryers, toasters with more then one slot and also regulated the precise allowed curvature of bananas and cucumbers. (no kidding)