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Kurds in Turkish Military left the army and joined with YPG / PKK to fight back ISIS
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Turkgay says PKK/YPG are terrorists thats why we dont help them. Then tell me why are your soldiers are joining Them ? IF YPG are terrorist then it would be the same shit like saying Marine soldiers joining with al qaeda and talibans. Fucking dumass.
The guy who is singing in this video left the turkish army and joined with YPG 2 days later 26 other Kurds in the Turkish army took their arms and weapons and said "fuck you Erdogan you Isis loving hooker" and joined with YPG to fight back ISIS goatfuckers.Kurds united cant be breaked i hope all kurds unite agianst these turks and islamist cunts!Source : YPG FB page :;amp;amp;set=vb.100008129653839&type=2&theater


Added: Oct-13-2014 
By: Sirwann
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