Senate Republicans who voted for illegal alien welfare and voted to cut disabled US Combat Vet pensions

Senate Republicans who voted for illegal alien welfare and to cut disabled US Combat Vet pensions

Below is the list of the 9 GOP Senators (French Republicans) that voted this week with ALL 55 Democrats in the US Senate to cut funding and pensions of America's disabled combat veterans.

Rather than cut welfare, obamaphones, food-stamps and hundreds of billions in government waste, fraud and abuse, these 9 Republicans instead locked arms with the 55 Democrats and voted to cut increases and reduce pensions of our US Military Veterans (including disabled combat vets).

In addition, they all voted against a measure to eliminate the "Child Support Tax Credit for ILLEGAL ALIENS" loophole, which could have avoided cutting disabled combat vet pensions. So in other words, rather than stand by the American citizen, the US Soldier and our disabled Vets, these 9 Republicans (and every single Democrat) decided to stand by the welfare collecting illegal aliens who are here illegally. Go figure.

Oddly enough, every single one of them (with exception of Orrin Hatch of Utah and Rob Portman of Ohio) also VOTED TO FUND AND ROLLOUT OBAMACARE!!

Memorize their names, memorize their faces!

These are the enemies of Freedom, Liberty and of the People.

Every single one of them must be defeated and removed from office as soon as possible!

Start now! All of their office telephone numbers are listed below. (please remember if you do call, please remember to be civil and respectful. Don't stoop to the liberal democrat low-level and be a j-bag or get yourself into trouble)

Here are the disgusting, disgraceful neo-statist French-Republicans that voted for this travesty:

John Hoeven of North Dakota - (202) 224-2551

Susan Collins of Maine - (202) 224-2523

Orrin Hatch of Utah - * (202) 224-5251

John McCain of Arizona - (202) 224-2235

Johnny Isakson of Georgia - (202) 224-3643

Rob Portman of Ohio - * (202) 224-3353

Ron Johnson of Wisconsin - (202) 224-5323

Saxby Chambliss of Georgia - (202) 224-3521

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska - (202) 224-3004

What are you waiting for??