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Neda's Sister Speaks About Iran


"I am here in order to tell you that she died in her father's arms.

"I am here in order to tell you that my sister had big dreams.

"I am here in order to tell you that my sister was very modest [in her dreams].

"She longed - just like me - after one day feeling the wind in her hair, and just like me she loved poems by Farukh (?), a Persian poet, and she...

"... longed for freedom and equality.

"She longed after one day being able to say, 'I am Iranian' with her head held up high.

"She longed after one day falling in love with a man with a [inaudible] haircut, giving birth to a daugter, singing lullabies at her cradle, or to plait her child's long hair.

"My sister died because she was not allowed to live like a human being; my sister died because injustice would not end; my sister died because she loved life so much, and my sister died because sh

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