Northern Arizona Dry Creek Machine gun Shoot 2003

All machine guns and artillery pieces featured in this video are legally owned by US Civilians permitted to do so. The permit process covers a very in depth back ground check performed by the BATFE and the local Commanding Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) must all sign off on the Form 4 paperwork. All machine guns (any firearm that fires more than one round of ammunition with one pull [or activation action] of the trigger) are Class 3 firearms, meaning they must be sold through a Class 3 FFL (Class 3 Federal Firearms Licensed gun store, licensed to buy, sell and trade such firearms). They cost anywhere from $2,500 to several hundred thousand dollars depending on the supply and demand. Most machine guns cost in the $7,500 to $30,000 range. The importation of and selling of newly manufactured Class 3 firearms has been halted since 1986. All legal machine guns on the Class 3 Civilian "transferable" market must have been manufactured, imported (if of foreign manufacture) and registered on the Class 3 civilian "transferable" market prior to May 19th, 1986 in accordance with the "Hughes Amendment". This is why the prices are so high, even on very high production firearms, not many may be on the Class 3 transferable market. There are currently around 35 to 40 states in the US that allow civilians who pass the Form 4 paperwork background check and approval process to buy class 3 firearms. This means that they can buy Machine guns, Mortars, Cannons, Artillery Guns, Flame Throwers, Grenade Launchers, ect. There are currently (as over end of fiscal year 2007) over 108,000 legally owned class 3 firearms in the US. Since the 1934 class 3 restriction act (making it illegal to simply buy a class 3 firearm without any federal or state approval) there has never been a crime committed with a legally owned class 3 firearm by a private citizen.
- video encodings still in process -


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Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

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