Motorcycle Stunt. Big Air. Jump and Flip. Nasty Crash. That is all....

Paris Rosen Suffers Nasty Big Air Crash At X-Games

What would the X-Games be without at least a few nasty spills. Although we would never wish such a fate upon anyone, it is simply one of the inevitable parts of being involved in extreme sports.

As Paris Rosen stepped up for his attempt during the motocross best-trick competition on Friday, something just didn't seem to be right. Even the commentators made note of his apparent lack of confidence, and it appeared as though they were right. Seconds after making such a comment, Rosen headed towards the ramp and took off, but midway through his attempted front-flip, it was clear that disaster was about to strike.

Rosen hit the ground hard and lay motionless for several minutes before being taken to the hospital for x-rays. His manager, Lucas Mirtl, has since commented on Rosen's health, indicating that he has been able to move his toes before saying, “I’m sure he’s going to be fine.” We can only hope that Mirtl's medical evaluation is an accurate one.

Here is a look at the nasty crash. Don't try this at home kids.