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Scientists Capture and Contain Antimatter, history making research possible.

Scientists at Switzerland's CERN laboratories have made history by containing antimatter particles for over 16 minutes.

Though it lacks the cataclysmic gravitas of spawning a world-ending black hole, this new record is a huge leap beyond the researchers' previous best, in which the group captured antimatter particles for a mere fraction of a second.

Nabbing new high scores is a joy, but the real benefit here is in how the sustained antimatter will allow for previously unimaginable research. Specifically, CERN scientists hope the collection of antiatoms will offer a glimpse into a still-theoretical phenomena known as CPT symmetry.

Roughly speaking, CPT is the idea that "a particle moving forward through time in our universe should be indistinguishable from an antiparticle moving backwards through time in a mirror universe." According to our best guesses, CPT is a constant throughout ou


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