Munich attack - Better transcript with explaination

Here is a better transcript of the video from the Munich attack known as the "car park scene". More transcribed of what they said in German and also a more precise translation.

The problem with translating that, is that the guy on the balcony speaks a heavy Bavarian accent with a Bavarian grammar. Which differs in a lot of ways from the "high German" language. (Germans speak in the different regions of the country very different dialects. For example a Bavarian has a hard time understanding someone from Saxon. That for we have a "high German" language that we all speak :) )

I did my best to translate it in a way to conserve the real meaning of what was said. The parts where you see a (?) are unintelligible.

Even if the incident itself is very sad of course, this discussion is hilarious. The German/Iran attacker totally sucked in the left wing propaganda and believes he is "our guest" and we owe him something. He is shooting now people because he failed in live and that is all the Germans fault. The Bavarian totally gives a shit about his opinion and continuously tells him that he is just a wanker.

Bayer auf Balkon: Du Arschloch, du Hundsgemeiner.

Bavarian on the balcony: You Asshole, you very mean!
(Hundsgemeiner is literally "as mean as a dog" but just means very mean)

Täter: Wegen euch wurde ich gemobbt sieben Jahre lang, weil ich … (?) … musste.

Attacker: Because of you (Germans) i was bullied for seven years, because i had to ... (?)

Bayer auf dem Balkon: Sie Wichser da. Sie Arschloch einer.

Bavarian on the balcony: You wanker there, you asshole (one/eighter?).
(Everytime the Bavarian ends the sentence with "einer" that's Bavarian grammar and not really translatable. It literally translates to one or maybe eighter, but it is said to give the sentence a stronger meaning)

Täter: Und jetzt muss ich ’ne Waffe tragen / kaufen … (um euch abzuknallen?).

Attacker: And now i have to carry/buy a gun ... (to shoot you?)
("You" refers in that case not to the Bavarian on the balcony but to the Germans)

Bayer auf dem Balkon: Eine Waffe? Weißt du was? Dir gehört der Schädel eingeschmissen. Du Arschloch einer. Ey!

Bavarian on the balcony: A gun? Do you know something? You deserve to get your skull (head) thrown in. You asshole. Ey!
(He literally says skull but that's just a sloppy way to say head. )

Täter: (…) bin doch euer Gast, oder?

Attacker: (...) but i am your guest, aint i?
(That's what the left wings told him. He is just a guest, has nothing else to do then lean back and let the Germans work for him. If he fails in live then that's only the fault of the Germans)

Bayer auf dem Balkon: Das musst du sagen, du Wichser einer.

Bavarian on the balcony: That's what you say, you wanker!

Täter: Wegen Scheiß-Türken.

Attacker: Because of "fucking Turks"
(He does not swear at Turks. He refers to that he was bullied and got called a "fucking Turk" by the Germans. )

Bayer auf dem Balkon: Scheiß Kanacken einer. Ey der hat eine Schusswaffe! Holt jemand her, der hat seine Waffe geladen. Holt die Bullen einer! Hier läuft er umeinander, der Wichser einer.

Bavarian on the balcony: Fucking savages. Ey he has a gun! Get someone here, he has loaded his gun. Get the cops here! Here he walks around, that wanker.
(Kanacken does not literally mean savages. Kanacken is a term which is normally used for criminal Turks and Arabs)

Täter: Ich bin Deutscher. Hört auf zu flennen.

Attacker: I am a German. Stop crying.

Bayer auf dem Balkon: Du bist ein Wichser bist du.

Bavarian on the balcony: You are a wanker! That's what you are.

Täter: Lasst mich zufrieden.

Attacker: (whiny): Leave me alone.

Bayer auf dem Balkon: Ein Wichser. Was machst für einen Scheiß?

Bavarian on the balcony: What a wanker. What shit you are doing there?

Täter: (Mein Vater ?) ist hier geboren worden. … (?) ihn gehasst. In der Hartz IV Gegend. Bin dort zur Schule gegangen.

Attacker: (My father ?) was born here. ... (?) hated him. In the social settlement. Was going to school there.

Bayer auf dem Balkon: Na und, was machst für’n Scheiß? Dir gehört der Schädel runtergeschlagen, du Arschloch da unten.

Bavarian on the balcony: So what? What kind of shit you are doing. You deserve to got your head beaten off, you asshole down there.

Täter: Wegen Leute wie Sie war ich ganz viel in Behandlung.

Attacker: Because of people like you i had to get lots of psychiatric treatment

Its like he repeats everything our left wings always publish after such incidents, to find an excuse for the criminal. Bad childhood, grown up in poor conditions, he was bullied by Germans, he was mentally ill. Its like a script you can read in the German media over and over again after every of this incidents. It's to get the people to believe that the criminal is the real victim and the victims (Germans) caused that themselves because they treated the criminal bad in the first place. So that's the result. They really believe that and that for think its absolutely satisfied that they go onto a killing spree and slaughter some Germans. Because even then they are the real victims.

Bayer auf dem Balkon: Behandlung? Du gehörst in die Psychiatrie, du Arschloch.

Bavarian on the balcony: Medical treatment? You deserve to be in a mental hospital, you asshole!

Täter: Ich hab nichts getan. … Wort gehalten… Halten Sie die Schnauze, Mann.

Attacker: I have not done anything (bad) ...(?) kept my/your word? ...(?) Shut up, man.
(He is so confused by left wing propaganda that he really thinks after killing 9 people and wounding 20 more "he has not done anything".)

So was this a muslim Terror attack? Well it was a terror attack done by a muslim. Maybe there was some ISIS shit spooking around in the head of our "guest". But this discussion makes clear, that he also was deeply influenced by our left wings and our left wing media. He believed that the Germans owe him something just for being born here and that he has the moral right to take revenge on the Germans if they fail to prevent him from failing in live.

Its like a case study in: "What happens when you morally overhigh foreigners, tell them that they can not do wrong and all the evil that happens to them is caused by the Germans."

The Bavarian summarized it in one sentence. When you really belive you deserve some special treatment from the Germans just for crossing their border it does not mean you are better then us.

It means: "You are a wanker, thats what you are"


By: Knoedel (1435.70)

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