45% of Belgian Prison Inmates Are Muslim

5000 inmates in Belgian prisons are Muslim. That represents 45% of the prison population. A situation which impose constraints on the prison organisation.

In Forest, the decision has been made to simply no longer serve pork in the meals. 80% of the inmates are Muslim and refuse to eat pork. It has become simpler to no longer provide it on the menu at all rather than create different dishes.

But there are other inconveniences from this large population practising Islam. For example, some inmates refuse to obey female guards because they are women. Or they try and transform some communal areas into places of prayer.

And then there are the dangers of radicalis in prison. The executive of the Muslims of Belgium itself warns about the risks of radicalism and asks that the practice of religion be formalised so that the extremists cannot take advantage of it to push towards a fundamentalist Islam.