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Russia-China alliance threat to US empire 

US foreign policy goals in Eurasia have been “disastrous and murderous,” drawing Russia and China closer together and threatening American hegemony, a writer and political analyst in Boston says.

“Russia and China are seen as a threat and their combination, their continuing alliance is a huge threat to the US empire,” said Daniel Patrick Welch, an activist and outspoken critic of US foreign policy.

Washington’s policy in the South China Sea, Ukraine and Syria has been a “failure,” pushing Moscow and Beijing closer together to counter a unipolar world, Welch told Press TV on Tuesday.

“This is an amazing failure of US foreign policy which is doing the opposite of what it’s trying to do,” he added.

Welch said the US is guilty of the same spying and hacking operations that it accuses other countries of, particularly against China and Russia.

He said the NSA surveillance revelations by American whistleblower Edward Snowden has disclosed that Washington spied on countries around the world, including on allies.

Several American officials said on Monday that the United States is considering sanctions against both Russian and Chinese individuals and companies for alleged cyber attacks against US trade secrets.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said no final decision had been made by the Obama administration on imposing sanctions.

The White House is considering targeting foreign citizens and firms believed responsible for cyber attacks on commercial enterprises, one official said.

The US government has suffered a series of embarrassing cyber attacks in recent months, including one on the US Office of Personnel Management, which manages the civil service of the federal government.

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