Hungarian T-72A for Nigeria

Through Czech company - Excalibur Army - Hungarian T-72A have been sold to Nigeria. 16 vehicles should be shipped to Nigeria on board of Ukrainian AN-225 soon.

These are the vehicles that were supposed to go to Ukraine as some people said few months ago but it turns out that the Ukrainians will participate in this transaction only by lending their AN-225 for transportation. T-72 will be shipped to Nigeria. The first batch of four tanks took off from the Ostrava airfield on 26th January on board of Ukrainian AN-225 (number UR-82060). Before the departure the vehicles undertook servicing in one of the Excalibur Grouop's facilities (probably VOP 026 Ċ ternberk).

Nigeria has signed a contract for T-72AW tanks with Ukraine last year but probably due to ongoing civil war it can't be realised.