Another 29.000 refugess cross border and enter in Croatia

Behind the migrants were left tens of tons of garbage and other waste that we all now committed to clean

TOVARNIK - As almost all refugees displaced from Tovarnik, in this place, especially at the railway station, began a cleanup. Clean streets, public areas, field roads and fields of large amounts of garbage, feces and other things that were left due to floods about 29,000 refugees over the past few days.

Head of the Municipality of Tovarnik Rose Veselcic Šijakovic said that through the Employment Office hired 31 workers for these works.

"We had to do it because it is tens of tons of garbage and other waste that has to be clean. It contributed by the villagers themselves who are also involved in cleaning," she said.

Majority of this refugees enter in Croatia from Serbia, they are mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya tnd they passing on the route trough Balkan peninsula into a heart of europe (Germany, France, UK / England, Sweden etc.).

Refugees: They can kill us, but they can't return us back!

We're not going to go back to Serbia. I can not make us. We seek a better future in the EU, reiterated yesterday the migrants we met in Belgrade.

- We are free and no one can tell us that we have to go to a country where we do not see their future. I would not stay in Serbia because they do not know anything about ovdašnjoj culture, politics and people. I only know that this is a country through which they have to pass in order to reach the goal. So in her I'm not coming at the cost of life - shakes his head Ibrahim Karim (24) from Syria, promising frightened companions will find a way to reach the border of Germany, Norway and France.

Few migrants who remained in the park near the bus station in Belgrade incredulous look to clues about their return to the country which they represent only a way station to a better life.

Solace in the right to freedom of movement and they sought a Greek Zefi Papamahai (44), who with her husband Pakistanis fled from Athens because of the inability to obtain on Greek citizenship.

- This country has many paths, and we will, if we go back, go to one of these until we come to the EU. Nobody can tell us the ban - considered Zefi.

While the news about a possible return to Serbia frightened migrants, some are willing to, although only temporarily, accept that option, just not to have to return to their devastated homeland.

- In Afghanistan, have nothing to go back. If we force them to go back to Serbia, I'll be back, but only until the situation calms down and restart conditions are met for crossing the border. I'll do anything to get back home and again seizes the EU - says Ismail Sinuari (23).

However, many migrants think that the intention of the Brussels another skillful manipulation that officials are trying to throw dust in the eyes world.

- Many members of my family have already managed to come to Germany and now they live there without problems. This news was announced that we would reduce the flow of migrants to their countries. I am convinced that I will soon join his own in Germany - says Syrian Ibrahim Karim.