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VA - Sex Offender Registry: Some say it goes too far

But what about those not caught and not on the registry, who may decide to sexually abuse your child? How will you know about them? You won't, until it's too late! 90% or more of all sexual crimes committed today, are by those NOT on a registry.

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Is it a justifiable punishment, or the new scarlet letter? For years, there's been debate about online sex offender registries like the one here in Virginia. Some who are on it say it's ruined their chance of ever turning their lives around. Others say 'Don't do the sex crime, if you aren't willing to serve the online face time.'

CBS 6 sat down with a registered sex offender. He's asked us not to call him by his real name so, for our report, we'll call him Aaron. "It's the modern day scarlet letter," Aaron told our cameras. The scarlet letter he says h

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