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(link) The Infamous "LA Rampart Scandal" (1990s)

A special Los Angeles anti-gang unit imploded after an investigation revealed their involvement in: gang banging, Death Row Records, bank robbery, extortion, murder and framing, stealing evidence, selling drugs, witness intimidation, coerced confessions with torture, consorting with prostitutes/strippers, abusing various drugs while on duty.


"Even before Perez's allegations surfaced, the L.A.P.D. was investigating suspicious activity among some officers in the Rampart CRASH unit. However, critics like Detective Russell Poole claim the L.A.P.D. wasn't really interested in getting to the bottom of what was happening. Poole claims crucial leads were ignored in the early stages of the investigation. Others say administrative decisions taken after the scandal surfaced discouraged officers with critical information from coming forward. Here are the views of Detective Poole, L.A.P.D.


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