Anna News: [Syria] "Al-Qaryatayn tradegy"

Al-Qaryatayn is a small town in the province of Homs. It is known to Historians and tourists for its ancient Christian shrines - the tomb of St. Elijah and the temple by the same name. After the liberation of Palmyra, in April 2016, Al-Qaryatayn remained under government control until September 2017, when DAESH terrorists launched a major operation to cut the M-20 highway linking Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor. The city was guarded by a small garrison of government troops and police.
At about 9 AM September 30, a convoy of cars arrived simultaneously at the three militarily checkpoints at the entrance to Qaryatayn. Arriving at the checkpoints, the cars immediately opened fire. The soldiers who were on duty at the post located on the road from Al-Furklusa, were killed on the spot. The other two, were able to resist and to inform the city about the attack. A Garrison, sent to help, was attacked by subversive groups, who sneaked into Qaryatayn before the start of the terrorist operation. Surviving military and police forces took up defensive positions in the local office of the state security building and held it for 21 hours. By this time, the city was already completely under the control of terrorists.
After 12 hours of fighting, the remnants of the garrison decided to break out and leave the city.
On October 21, 2017, the government troops stormed Al-Qaryatayn and news of its liberation appeared on the next day. 22 days of hell, this is how the residents of Qaryatayn remember recent DAESH visit into the city.


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