Creepy crawly dining - patrons tuck into worms, grasshoppers and edible dirt at Zurich restaurant

Essento Dinner's hosted a unique dining experience dishing up an array of creepy crawlies to adventurous guests, in Zurich, on Tuesday.

The culinary start-up, which specialises in edible insects, teamed up with Zurich's Kunstkantine restaurant, serving a four course menu including fresh cheese with edible dirt and worms, hay and worm soup with fried peas and worms, among others.

Marketing Manager of Essento Jana Schiffmann stressed that not only are insects "very delicious" they are also "sustainable and they are healthy," making them the food of the future.

The pop up dining experience will be on offer in Basel and Bern in the next month.


By: Ruptly (28539.00)

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Location: Z├╝rich, Switzerland


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