Rare Raw 9/11 Footage Released Via "Freedom of Information Act" (High Quality)

Released via "Freedom of Information Act",not widely seen, showing RAW footage of 9/11,in particular WTC building 7,partially consumed by fire,melting the beams which then resulted in it's collapse,also shown in this vid is a direct ground shot of a large portion of the building missing at the bottom,look closely and your 9/11 conspiracy theories should take a back seat,the building was severely damaged by collapse of the Twin Towers.

I had never seen this vid,reportedly released via "Freedom of Information Act",great quality.

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By: the demon (10339.66)

Tags: WTC 7,9/11,rare footage,released,terror,September 11,terrorist,building 7,damage,collapse,terror attack,Bin Laden,Al-Qaeda,nine-eleven,rare

Location: New York, United States