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Son of Hamas Leader Tells Hannity “Moderate” Islam Does not Exist

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'All moderate muslims are doing the work of a fanatical god. The problem with muslims is their god. Moderate islam does not exist.'
"Hamas leaders, that you see on the tv, torturing their members."

reminds of obama willing to sacrifice the careers of his D' with the (White) Oregon D who refused to comply: "We're keeping score, brother." Movement turning on self, eating it's own..

March 5, 2010
By admin

Masob Hassan, the son of a Hamas leader lets Hannity know the ugly truth about Islam, and the Palestine-Israel conflict. He states that the God of the Koran hates Jews. Then in my favorite part of the interview, he tells Hannity that “moderate” Islam does not exist. Hannitys non-response to that statement says a lot. As I have been saying

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By: HydrogenEconomy
Middle East
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